[News] 1000x Upades v1.0.01

Dear Vmu lovers several Updates for server 1000x.

  • Jewels Rate % Increased
  • Bosses Kundun - Medusa - Selupan Hp Increased
  • /Reset Command ingame Removed
  • Box of luck Drop Changed.
  • Silver / Golden medal Drop Changed
  • 5mil Zen *Reset 
  • Quest items Drop Rate % Increased

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[News] Server 1000x Soon!

Welcome to our beloved Vikings Community 

In order to present our servers to you,Opening x1000 7th Octomber 18:00 GMT +3

Despite many MU private servers attempts, not many actually fulfilled players needs. After 4 years of development, VikingsMu provides you the adventure that you always dreamed of, as it was just before the The new Bot/Helpers seasons, a golden age for most players. VikingsMu was created by Couple of friends and we are trying to bring out the best for the oldschool Lovers of MuOnline. VikingsMU is a Free-To-Play Global Role-Play-Game with community in all over the World! VikingsMu Online designed the game to make our players to Experience the Real and Original Mu Online Gameplay, with Real PVP at all. Which means that PvP & PvM are very Challenging and Balancing! In addition Real Mu Online focusing on based Economy which gives very high value to Zen & Rare Jewels. We are using a very strong antihack to keep the game stable & Protected

VikingsMu is running Season 6 Episode 3 version.

Exp: 1000x

Master exp: 50x
Resets: From 400lvl, 
Max resets: 100
Dynamic reset experience: 
Reset 1-10: 100%
Reset 11-30: 80%
Reset 31-50: 70%
Reset 51-70: 50%
Reset 71-100: 40%
Grand Reset From 100 Resets - Stats - ML (Burn) Free 5000 Points Levelup
Grand Reset reward 5000 Webcredits

Max Master LVL: 220

Jewels of Soul +luck= 90%

Jewel of Soul without luck= 70%

Life =70% (+24 option Max)

Item Shop 4 exe opt +5 Sockets  Enabled

WebMarket: Sell your items to other players. Jewel/Credid

Spots:7-10  Mobs

Arena map: VIP

Sockets + Excelent options= Enabled

Goblin points= 10 point for 1 hour at mu online

Post: 100lvl 50k zen

Party exp system: Bronze, Silver, Gold

Gens battles  Vulcanus 

Auto Party

Blood castle: 1-7 Loch Feather - Jewels Bundles +10 Bless ,Chaos ,Creation,Life

Blood castle : 8 Chaos Cards - Bundles of jewel +10 Bless,Chaos,Creation,Life

Full Server Information Please visit our forums!

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